Forskolin Belly Buster – Does It Really Help You To Lose Weight?

I must admit it when I ordered Forskolin Belly Buster tablets, I wasn’t expecting miracles. But I did need to do something about my weight as conventional dieting wasn’t working. At 5 feet 6 and 210 pounds something had to be done. I was prone to sciatica when at my heavier weights that saw me laid up in bed at the very worst times. I also noticed that my skin condition got worse and my confidence was at an all-time low.


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So reluctantly, without telling anyone what I was doing, I order five bottles on special offer at around $145 with free shipping. Yes it was a bit of a risk but I figured that a gym membership would have cost more than this and in reality I was too embarrassed to go to the gym. It’s much easier to take a couple of pills, do a little exercise and just try and cut down on the worst foods.


My diet was not great which did not help my weight issues. I got into the habit of not having breakfast, snacking during the day and then being so hungry that I would feast on take-aways or sweets and fizzy drinks to get my energy boost late evening. This did not help matters as it sometimes caused indigestion to add to my woes.


Before I spent out I did do a little bit of online research both on the website of the manufacturer ( and also on review websites, Amazon and Walmart to see what other users had experienced before me.


The manufacturer website said that the main ingredient is Forskolin extract which is a from a South East Asian plant. To be honest I did not fully understand the explanations but it basically says that it raises your metabolism and gives you extra energy. And higher metabolism means greater weight loss. So it kind of made sense to me to at least give it a go.


To be honest, I would have liked more information (possibly a frequently asked questions section) on their website so I did a bit more digging elsewhere. When I checked out Forskolin on Amazon there were lots of 4 and 5 (out of 5) star reviews and people saying that this stuff seemed to work. That convinced me it was worth taking the plunge and buying a supply of five bottles. This is a screenshot of the information that convince me to give this a try. ( No, I’m not talking about the model with the fantastic figure! )



forskolin belly buster ingredients


I took two capsules a day as directed and at first did not see any noticeable difference in weight. However, I figured that it may take a while to build up in my system and so kept going. Having done diets before I also knew that it always felt like you didn’t feel the effects of ‘being good’ until the following week.


After a few days of taking the tablets my indigestion did appear to become more frequent. However, I cannot say that this was definitely down to the tablets as I do suffer from indigestion on occasions. I mention this just in case anyone else does buy these tablets and experience the same symptoms. It was not unbearable though just seemed a little more prolonged than normal and even that might be psychosomatic. I did not really experience any other side effects.


By the middle of week two, I had lost a couple of pounds which I thought was encouraging but it was still too early for me to say for definite that it was not just coincidence. Week three, saw only 1 pound loss which was a bit disheartening and I was beginning to think that I had just thrown away 145 bucks. Week four, I lost three pounds, week five two pounds. I was beginning to think this could not be coincidence!


To cut a long story short, I have been losing an average of 2 pounds per week since starting to take them except for when I stopped taking them during a holiday. It did take about a week after restarting the tablets for them to make a difference again but it seems to be too consistence to be coincidence and nothing has majorly changed in my diet. Of course, I should have made changes to my poor diet but it was difficult with my lifestyle and long working hours.


After completing my five months’ worth of tablets I have decided to take a break from these tablets. Partly as I cannot afford to buy another supply at the moment and partly to see if I can try and improve my diet and lose weight that way instead. I did consider buying cheaper alternatives but I KNOW these work and I am not convinced that cheaper tablets will have the same (or same quality of) ingredients.


I cannot begin to tell you what difference it has made to me having lost a reasonable amount of weight over a relatively short period of time. I have still have some way to go before I feel very confident  but my confidence has increased with the weight loss and I am planning to buy a new wardrobe to celebrate when I have lost a little more weight.


I have been checking my weight but actually my whole body shape is different and I feel happier in myself. Of course, it was important for me to lose weight to alleviate the sciatica and it also helps with the indigestion issues that I experience. But to me weight is not the only indicator of success. I needed to feel more confident in myself and to be perfectly honest (being single) needed to feel that my body was something I would be happy to show to a loved one if I was not single. I would love to be able to complete the cliché and say I lost weight and am now dating Ryan Gosling, but no I am still single. I do firmly believe with my new confidence levels that I am more likely to meet someone though – due to the confidence not the weight loss to be honest.


I had tried other slimming tablets including raspberry ketones and T5 fat burners but none of them were as effective as the Forskolin – for me at least! I would highly recommend these tablets to anyone although of course I cannot guarantee they will work for everyone. Thank you Forskolin Belly Buster! Check out this video for more information




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