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  1. Erica Delsandro says:

    My inner pilot light: tending to it everyday. 

  2. Jeshuah Carpenter says:

    The problem with people in the western world in general, is that we yearn
    to live a life where we are constantly experiencing greater and greater
    levels of indulgence and wealth, living in a never-ending series of
    euphoric revelationary experiences. Which is just unrealistic expectation
    and in any case, excessive wealth such as winning the lottery can be a very
    negative event in a person’s life in general.

  3. Jeshuah Carpenter says:

    Working in the Ob/Gyn profession doubtless consists of treating
    disproportionate amounts of psychogenic symptoms from women who are unhappy
    mentally, and this translates into ‘pain’. Which is very real in the
    experience but is in the mind. Somatisation is very common amongst women,
    especially those with depression/anxiety. An emotionally reactive mind
    experiences pain very differently to a happy, fulfilled mind.

  4. MATEJA PETJE says:

    I just had to share this video with you as I share the values. Health is
    not just taking care of your physical health. Equally important, if not
    more, are your relationships, your spiritual connection, your sexual life
    and your intimacy, your connection to the inner source, your financial
    freedom. Listen to your body – what is the REAL reason that I am sick? What
    can I do about it? How can I be more transparent and authentic with myself
    and others?

    The shocking truth about your health: Lissa Rankin at TEDxFiDiWomen

  5. David Mosier says:

    It seems to me that so many of these TEDx speakers are nut jobs.
    Has TED jumped the shark?

  6. David Mosier says:

    12:03 “the data on this is unbelievable”
    well you are correct there…I don’t believe it!

  7. Jay Garcia says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this amazing video!

  8. Phil Sr says:

    This has got to be the best speaker and topic ever presented on TED! Her
    calling at age seven to become a healer is very understandable. This is
    true medicine and those other pill pushers are quaky. Whole health with
    ourselves writing our own prescription according to our Pilot Light, listen
    very carefully to yourself.

  9. Dwaine Hartman says:

    thank you Lissa for coming out with the truth blessings to you

  10. Monica Sancio says:

    I dare you to look at yourself… And make a change… I know I am… This
    is the raw truth about health… Lissa Rankin is right!
    What are you thinking + feeling + being… Comment below if you watched
    it…. I believe in listening to your body: while it whispers, you can
    start healing… And LIVING! 

  11. Renzo Lanfranco says:

    For us, psychologists, all those things are obvious and the research papers
    have been there for at least 30 years. I respect the speaker, but she
    didn’t say anything new enough or novel enough for a TED talk. In fact,
    Positive Psychology has been studying the things that enhance general
    health instead of just diagnosing disorders for quite some time. So the
    real value of this talk, in my opinion, is its motivational aspect.

  12. Graeme Glendinning says:


  13. oussama masnaoui says:

    Thanks a lot

  14. Sanref says:

    Sooo… She overworked her ass off to the point where she couldn’t heal her
    patients, turned to art and suddenly found a way to heal people thanks to
    her inner wise self?

  15. ann3tt says:

    what is spirituality if you are not religious?this always confuses me.
    Great speach by the way, I think it changed my life a little bit, so thank
    you :)

  16. Irenee Alma says:

    The truth about your health ♡

    #tedtalk #health #living

  17. billville111 says:

    Thank you Lissa – also, it’s valuable to learn about what the whispers of
    your body is telling you – your lymph system is not moving and is acidic –
    look in the mirror, you can see it written on your pretty face. Those
    little bumps are the whispers of trouble to come. Dr Robert Morse, ND on
    YouTube – the greatest healer in the USA.

  18. thrdel says:

    Finally a medical practitioner who has the guts to say openly that there is
    a cause to every symptom. Are all the others too dumb to know it or just
    playing along with the big pharma for their financial benefit ? How did we
    get to this point where everyone in only interested in the treatment of the
    symptom and ignore the elephant in the room, the cause ? 

  19. Aaron Allen LMT: Chronic Headache and TMJ Massage Specialist says:

    Re-post holiday weekend. I’ve promised before to re-post this video every
    chance I get. So here it is again. You’re going to want to share this one
    with friends.

  20. Justgivemethetruth says:

    Think of a man giving this same talk?

  21. Justgivemethetruth says:

    And who can afford to pay for integrative medicine and 1 hour of a doctor’s
    time? Big celebrities in Southern Ca?

  22. Sophia Shakti says:

    Spot on. As a physician I confess, majority of patients subconsciously love
    to be sick, it is their identity. Unfortunately, as any identity it is very
    difficult one to get rid of.


    So out of touch. Poor little you. You only have 2 homes.

  24. Dan Lewis says:

    I’m going to apologize for JFY DRAFTING, below.
    She/he/it is still wrapped up in stuff; still jealous of others.
    Little JFY hasn’t figured it out yet.
    Little JFY lives in California, where materialism is at its most insane
    JFY is still a mental slave to ‘stuff’; has a very tiny heart and may well
    wind up much like the lady speaker was at her worst point.
    Some of us hope so.

    The speaker’s shitty spiritual stuff needs to be flushed.

    Religion comforts…and cripples. History is quite clear on this.

  25. Dan Lewis says:

    SURE DO wish the religious crap had been left out.
    It appears the lady speaker is not yet fully aware of the trouble believing
    in crap can bring.

    Religion comforts…and cripples. History is clear on this.
    Real men seek the truth, not the crap from the bronze age.

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