My 3 Week Diet Plan Review – Lose Weight And Feel Good

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  • ¬†Are you embarrassed by your size?
  • Do you avoid going outside?
  • Would you like your life back?

I was just like you!


For most of my life I have been a “big girl,” or at least that’s what most people called me. Earlier this year, in January 2014, I weight over 180 pounds (82kgs) which is very overweight for someone of my stature. However, when I was a teenager I wasn’t like this at all. I weight a much healthier 140 pounds, and was a lot happier.


Over the years I have worked very hard to get back to that weight. But it was always a struggle with my stressful work life. Nothing was working. You know those diet pills and exercise machines you see on TV? I tried all of them to improve my fitness, including the acai berry and green tea diets. Needless to say, they didn’t work. No matter what I did I was still over weight. A “fatty.”


In March 2014, though, everything changed. In twenty-one days I lose over 23 pounds thanks to an extreme diet called the Three Week Diet. How did I hear about this book? I read something from a Victoria’s Secret model about how she uses this diet to shed her excess fat in time for photo shoots. If it could work for her, surely it would work for me as well! Check out my video review below!



After a quick Google search I managed to find the official website for the Three Week Diet. A nutritionist on the website outlined exactly what was necessary to lose so much weight quickly. Let me tell you, the information was absolutely shocking! I had never heard such invaluable information before, and I was angry that I had never found this out from anywhere else. All of the doctors, personal trainers, and dietitians in the world couldn’t tell me this stuff over the years. You would think they knew such great dieting secrets, but no!


I decided to download the ebook and began the program the very next day. I was really nervous, since I assumed that I would have to essentially starve myself to see an progress, and not only is that uncomfortable, but it’s very unhealthy as well. Thankfully, I was wrong! I could eat almost anything I wanted and as much as I wanted. It just had to be at the specific times of day when my metabolism was working its hardest. There were also some secret fat loss burning foods included that I was sure to eat at every meal as well. All of this combined made the fat start melting off!


How did I know when my metabolism was burning its best? How about which foods to include? These things are revealed to you by a guy named Brian when you join the Three Week Diet website. It was literally that easy.


Just on the first day I lost two pounds, or about 1 kilogram. Then, the next day, I lost a whopping three pounds! It kept adding up until I had lost a whole TEN pounds by the end of the first week! (4.5 kilograms.) Can you say life changing results? I followed the program all the way through its 21 days and lost a total 30 pounds of pure body fat!


I couldn’t believe it – my dreams had come true. Never before had I been so close to my ideal body weight. I was slimmer, sexier, and absolutely healthier! My body parts had shrunk as well, including my belly and my butt, which was a lot firmer now. People around town could barely recognize me after just one month. I was free and comfortable in my brand new body, and all of it was thanks to the amazingly terrific Three Week Diet manual. My life had changed!


I have continued doing the diet, and the fat is still falling off. My ultimate goal is 140 pounds, and I should be there in a couple more weeks. I am absolutely in love with this diet. I didn’t have to starve myself, and I didn’t take any weird diet pills. Plus I didn’t have to sacrifice all of my time to the gym or eat bland food. If you’re looking to lose weight quickly in a safe and easy manner, then the Three Week Diet is all you really need. If it worked for me, it would surely work for the millions of other people out there just like me!


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